1991 – 2021

1991 - 2021

30 years ago Punto Ottico Humaneyes was born. 
Today we celebrate by taking inspiration from Bruno Munari and his “Supplement to the Italian Dictionary” in which he examines the many ways to express oneself without using words: through hands, facial expressions and gestures.
We want to praise this typical distinctive trait that characterizes us, and remember the value of simple gestures. It’s through small gestures, finely-tuned with patience every day, that craftsmanship comes to life. It’s through their hands that craftsmen give shape to beauty.
Creativity of hands evolves into craftsmanship when imagination and inspiration merge with method, dedication and expertise.
In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we celebrate the gestures of the people who take part in our project: our team, our clients, our suppliers and all those who share our vision. 
People are our great strength.


Punto Ottico Humaneyes