A day with a talented friend.

« Remember newspapers? A languid Sunday of lounging. Learning. Laughing. Scoffing. Savoring the mingled smell of ink and caffeine. Suede-like paper beneath my hands. An exquisite unhurried delight. »

Dee Abrahamsen

An homage to a city we love. A day with a talented friend. Feeling empowered by the freedom of expressing our soul in everyday gestures. Savoring moments of joy to be carried in the future. 

Italian craftsmanship shines through in the purity of form.

The campaign features one-of-a-kind eyewear collections made in Italy by skilled artisans, precisely in the territory of Vicenza, well-known for its goldsmith tradition that gives life to internationally praised jewelry of exceptional beauty — a prolific territory that nurtures a district of craftspeople and artisans who preserve their knowledge with their work and pass it down through generations.

« When I was a child we called it "the stoop". The place to escape the apartments' summer-swelter and winters' raging-radiator. The place to pop a ball against. To chatter. To build community. Now I have an elevator in which none of those things exist. If John Donne stepped from the grave into my elevator he would hang his head in sadness and edit his phrase to EVERY man is an island. To which, the equally dismayed but eternally hopeful me would say... but John, WE are talking. Sometimes, eternally hopeful is the best you can do. »

Dee Abrahamsen

Thanks to:  @Dee Abrahamsen
Ph. Luca Mazzocco
Eyewear collections: Jacques Durand, Cleto Munari Eyewear

Dee Abrahamsen is fashion and travel editor at All Roads Lead To Italy. Dee Abrahamsen is a New Yorker, a lover of Italy, a successful fashion model, a brilliant graphic artist, and an inspired writer whose way with words is beyond compare.