A true celebration of cellulose acetate by Jacques Durand.

At Jacques Durand, materials experience is fundamental to express design potential. Their knowledge and their approach to experimenting with material led to the development of a one-ok-a-kind acetate texture. BIGLIA is a celebration of cellulose acetate, which has been driving the work of Jacques Durand since the origins of the brand. With BIGLIA, material is the point of departure for the design process.

“Material potentially influences on our views of design, expanding the boundaries of technical and aesthetic possibilities.”

Uncompromising excellence

Jacques Durand creates timeless frames of solid design. Each frame is made in Italy at their workshop and premises in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza, where the traditional art of goldsmiths meets Jacques Durand’s heritage of acetate eyewear manufacturing know-how.

At Punto Ottico Humaneyes, we appreciate the excellence of finely crafted objects that last over time.