Choosing the right contact lenses is a delicate step which requires dedication and care. Comfort and wellbeing are important to us: this is why we provide a specialized advanced contact lens service performed by our eye-care professionals. Any type of contact lens must be chosen carefully based on eye examinations. We call on our expertise gained in the field and employ the finest equipment to perform a comprehensive vision evaluation. We devote time to each person, as we believe that this first evaluation step is fundamental in order to find the best solution.

The choice of the right contact lens depends on the vision problem and on the specific needs of individuals. The market offers a wide variety of contact lenses: lenses can be classified by wearing time (daily wear or extended wear) and by their intended purpose. We offer our knowledge and expertise to determine which lens best suits the person’s specific needs and lifestyle. Contact lenses can solve refractive errors such as myopia (near-sightedness or short-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia. Contact lenses can be helpful in treating dry eye syndrome and can also reduce the worsening and progression of some vision problems. 


We help solve vision problems by concentrating our efforts in understanding people’s needs: the same refractive error can in fact be solved with the use of different lenses. Some of the factors that must be taken into account in the choice of the lens that will best satisfy a person’s needs are wearing time and regularity of use, lens comfort, and maintenance. Lens must also be suited to lifestyle and sports. 

Sports differ by the environment and physical demands. Each athlete has different needs we need to consider before recommending any contact lenses. We want to find the ideal solution for the chosen sport and individual needs, in order to help people feel comfortable and achieve the best possible performance. We could recommend daily disposable lenses for those who are looking for an easy and flexible option to be worn during physical activity, while we could recommend mini-scleral contacts or corneoscleral contact lenses to those who may prefer an advanced high-performance solution. In some cases we found that the perfect solution was orthokeratology: specially designed contact lenses that progressively reshape the curvature of the cornea are worn at night, correcting the visual disorder for the duration of the day, thus negating the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day.


Our research in the field has led us to the development of Humaneyes contact lenses. Our lenses are produced by Safilens, an Italian solid company that can draw on its innovative experience in the contact lens sector and on its partnership with a pharmaceutical company to guarantee technological leadership in the sector and valuable research and development. Humaneyes contacts are meant to solve myopia and hyperopia, and are characterized by prolonged and constant release of lacrimal substitute, which guarantees improved comfort throughout the day. We are convinced that it is important to offer a comprehensive service. This is why in our centers we assist new wearers in putting contact lenses safely — including putting them in and taking them out for the first time, and help them gain basic knowledge about the correct use of contact lens care products. In our stores we provide contact lens care products, such as contact lens cleaning, disinfecting and storage products.


Over the years we have fit a number of very special contact lenses to help people with special conditions, such as Keratoconus. We have gained expertise in contact lens fitting after refractive surgery, in ortho-K lenses fitting, and colored contact lenses fitting. The commitment to research, continuous professional training and advanced instrumentations are the foundations of our work. We care about the people who rely on us, and we aim at providing them with an excellent professional service.

AAA. Disclaimer Services may differ according to location. Please check with the manager of your local Punto Ottico
Humaneyes store to learn which services are offered. Please note that roles of the eye care profession differ
according to country or state. As permissions and licenses vary by location, we may offer different services
depending on the country we work in (Italy and U.S.). 


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