Custom and Horn frame from Jacques Durand Atelier

the value of craftsmanship

Jacques Durand Atelier wants to celebrate the knowledge and skills of their artisans, and raise consciousness about the value of craftsmanship.

Creating your own design piece

Jacques Durand’s skilled team will help you customize your frames and will guide you through the fascinating steps of the creation process — from finding the shape that suits you, smoothing each edge by hand for the very best comfort and support, to choosing the color and size.

Jacques Durand’s craftsmen and craftswomen will accompany you in a journey into craftsmanship, giving shape to your bespoke frames, conceived and handcrafted uniquely for you. Tailor-made engraving Go a step further and engrave the words that matter to you on your tailor-made frames. Engraved details draw inspiration from the timeless magnetism of automotive design, making each piece genuinely unique.

Jacques Durand creates timeless frames of solid design. Production is carried out in their Italian facilities in Montecchio Maggiore in Vicenza. Atelier is where Jacques Durand expresses the synergy of goldsmithing crafts and the heritage of acetate eyewear manufacturing know-how.


At Punto Ottico Humaneyes we proudly join Jacques Durand in celebrating craftsmanship. Learn more about the possibility of creating your own handcrafted frames in all our Punto Ottico Humaneyes stores. Discover what craftsmanship means to us.

Jacques Durand

Jacques Durand is an eyewear brand based in Italy created by French designer and spectacle maker Jacques Durand. Originally an optician, Jacques Durand evolved into a leading eyewear designer, working as project manager for various eyewear brands.

Creator Jacques Durand ventured out on his own to expand his search of a renewed approach to eyewear design, devoting his talent and energies to a new eyewear concept. Inspired by contemporary art, architecture and automotive design, Jacques Durand conceives pure and distinctive shapes with clear and defined outlines.

The fascination with pure forms and design quality results in a collection focused on quality and comfort. Jacques Durand is committed to excellence, and craftsmanship is the way excellence is achieved.

Their spirit of creative craftsmanship animates the work and finds fulfillment in the synergy of goldsmith crafts and the heritage of eyewear manufacturing know-how. Transparent production is an integral part of Jacques Durand’s identity. That’s why all Jacques Durand frames come with a detailed tag where anyone can learn more about the supply chain. Production is carried out in our Italian Atelier and facilities in Montecchio Maggiore in Vicenza.

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