Exploration of the expressive potential of design.

Exploration of the expressive potential of design.

Frame manufacturing can be an exploration of the expressive potential of design, merging engineering with art, invention with optimization, research with development. Once the threshold of functionality is reached, a universe of possibilities opens up, leading the way to creativity, aesthetics, eclecticism and contaminations. Frame design fully reveals the expressive potential of their creator.


Masahiro Maruyama questions the concept of perfection: seemingly random lines and fragmented shapes bring asymmetrical designs to life. Shapes and materials are deliberately combined are re- arranged to create something unique. Masahiro Maruyama works with skilled craftsmen to bring each delicate asymmetrical design to life, producing unique frames that computerized manufacturing methods simply cannot compete with. All Masahiro Maruyama frames are made in the Fukui prefecture of Japan by skilled craftsmen, enhancing the value of craftsmanship in contemporary times.

When experimentation and talent merge, art comes into being.


Classic is the driving force of Jacques Durand’s design research. Classic as opposed to the continuous search for what is new. Light and matter are the design playing field — flat frame fronts and clearly defined edges enhance the outline of the shapes. The collection is pure design: with Jacques Durand you wear a line, an uninterrupted stroke freed from distractions and superfluous elements. Jacques Durand frames are handcrafted in Italy through finely tuned gestures, gained patiently over time. They capture the manual skills and techniques of craftspeople dedicating themselves to pursuing excellence in eyewear manufacturing.