Jacques Durand takes on the runway thanks to designer Giorgia Zuccon

Jacques Durand Atelier takes on the runway thanks to Giorgia Zuccon

Jacques Durand Atelier takes on the runway thanks to Ferrari Fashion School’s graduate Giorgia Zuccon on the occasion of Fashion Graduate Italia 2023 edition, the fashion event where young talents from the most important Italian fashion schools launch their collections.

The event took place at BASE Milano from 24 to 26 October, involving students from all over the world who chose to study Fashion Design in Italy, in addition to students from San Paolo, Toronto, Daegu and Osaka international fashion universities.

Giorgia Zuccon - Ferrari Fashion School Fashion Graduate Italia 2023 Ph. Daniele Venturelli

Address the Elephant in the Room

“Address the Elephant in the Room” is the name of the collection of womenswear and accessories by Giorgia Zuccon presented as her final project in her Fashion Design education program at Milan-based Ferrari Fashion School.

Distinctive element of the Capsule Collection conceived by the young designer is a model of custom frames created thanks to the collaboration with Jacques Durand Atelier and the support of Punto Ottico Humaneyes.

The concept that inspires the design of the frames is based on the symbolism of the bull: a majestic animal symbolically associated with strength and regenerating power that conveys elegance and causes fear at the same time. The concept translates into a finished structure characterized by tapered lines. The upside-down drop-shaped ophthalmic lenses fit boldly onto the sculpted front. The constructive details and the design of the object give an aura of elegance and strength to the one-of-a-kind custom pieces. 

The project idea that Giorgia Zuccon initially presented to the Punto Ottico Humaneyes store in Alte Ceccato was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by the team, who strived to make it possibile to create the young designer’s custom pieces thanks to the savoir faire of Jacques Durand Atelier. 

Giorgia Zuccon relied on the knowledge of local artisans and entrepreneurs whose work is committed to pursuing Made in Italy excellence and put into practice sustainable manufacturing, both in terms of materials (such as the cellulose acetate for the frames, and wool kid mohair, eco-sustainable and natural material chosen for the knitwear collection) and in terms of production processes that give value to craftsmanship. 

“With mutual help you can do anything” claims the designer from Vicenza, convinced that her participation in Fashion Graduate Italia 2023 and the editorial publications, such as the one in Vogue Italia, occurred thanks to the joining of forces and the intertwining of events. 

Jacques Durand Atelier 

The boundary between tradition and innovation is not sharp: it is often in their intersection that the process finds its maximum expression and is enriched with meaning. Manufacturing companies can also make their contribution to the world of eyewear design, making available to creators and designers not only cutting-edge tools and technologies, but also precious know-how and an approach to design that gives value to craftsmanship, with the aim of fostering a fertile environment where designers can express their creativity. 

This is what happens at Jacques Durand Atelier, where the goldsmiths’ crafts rooted in the ancient tradition of Vicenza meet the eyewear manufacturing know-how inherited from the experience of French creator Jacques Durand. Thanks to the Atelier and the knowledge that is preserved and handed down from one generation to another, it is possible to conceive new creations, experiment with techniques and materials, create prototypes and give life to custom-made pieces. 

Frame manufacturing is completely carried out in Italy in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza. 

Project Credits. Photos by: Matteo Strocchia, Marco Servina — Make-up and hair styling: Marco Servina — Models: Riccardo Cracco, Federica Kanwakaego, Irene Ferraretto, Laura Dolci, Rachele Thinkman, Giulia Querin — Location: Le Tegnùe Beach — Sponsor/Collaborations: Jacques Durand, Volcar S.r.l., Zamperla S.p.A. — Design/Styling/Creative Direction: Giorgia Zuccon