Low vision is a permanent condition of vision loss that heavily affects the person’s independence and their quality of life. Low vision can be caused by eye diseases such as glaucoma, retinopathy and maculopathy. Those who suffer from low vision live in a state of imbalance between the environment and their health. In our centers we help people with significant vision impairment restore balance by providing low vision rehabilitation services. We help them learn new strategies and find devices that can assist them in their everyday activities, and help them regain some of their independence.

Listening to people’s needs is essential: learning more about their lifestyle and their daily activities makes us truly understand their real needs in order to recommend effective solutions that can tangibly improve everyday life. It is important to learn about the activities they were used to doing and can no longer do. Only by understanding the actual needs of individuals it is possibile to find the most suitable solution and improve their overall well-being. 

Low vision therapy helps people who suffer from low vision learn new ways to do activities and accomplish tasks, thanks to various types of training and the use of the right adaptive equipment. In our centers you can find various optical and other low vision aids such as correctly refracted glasses, magnifying spectacles, stand or hand-held magnifiers, low vision assistive electronic devices such as video magnifiers, magnifying mirrors, and other devices. In our centers, people with severe visual impairment can be assisted in the supply of low vision aids. The continuous research and detailed study are part of our daily job: we want to understand and help people solve their vision problems. 

AAA. Disclaimer Services may differ according to location. Please check with the manager of your local Punto Ottico
Humaneyes store to learn which services are offered. Please note that roles of the eye care profession differ
according to country or state. As permissions and licenses vary by location, we may offer different services
depending on the country we work in (Italy and U.S.). 


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