Milano Design Week 2023


“Tubolar Shelves" by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz and Akoni eyewear frames

On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2023, our Punto Ottico Humaneyes store in Milan hosts a design exhibition curated by the iconic Galleria Rossana Orlandi.


Galleria Rossana Orlandi conceived a creative set showcasing four design pieces, infusing our store with the city’s vibrant design culture. Among the showcased works, “Tubolar Shelves” by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz is the result of ongoing research conducted by the Spanish designer, artist and craftsman based in the Netherlands. His research focuses on the redefinition of functionality and materiality of use-objects, often in their unrefined form, by the re-use of industrial and waste materials: environmental awareness is at the core of every design choice. The showcased work was selected to celebrate the engineering techniques involved in the manufacturing of Akoni’s titanium frames. The exhibition also presents “Wine Rack” by Piet Hein Eek, whose research focuses on the tension between modernity and tradition, waste and sustainability. The inspiration for Piet Hein Eek’s Aluminium collection comes from the designer’s fascination with metal work.

“Tubolar Shelves" by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz and Akoni eyewear frames
“Wine Rack”, Aluminium Collection by Piet Hein Eek and BIGLIA frames by Jacques Durand