Punto Ottico Humaneyes is a project. When you create, you turn an idea into something concrete, you define the purpose of your project, and an image gradually takes shape. The strength of that image guides us every day in our work. It reminds us to observe the quality of things, to search, to follow our intuition, to delve deeper. Passions must be pursued, nothing is improvised. We have learned to look at every collection and absorb from each its secrets. It took us years to learn, and we continue to do so every day. With patience, hard work, with dedication and absolute respect.

The store is a space where we have the chance to welcome people and share our vision with them. It is the space where our language evolves, where we improve our attitude towards what we know. Our customers wear our philosophy, and we are aware of it.

Ethics is the mother of aesthetics: words that came slowly over time, yet naturally, to express a fundamental concept. We look for collections that fuse together technical, ethical and aesthetic qualities, which are essential to our project. The drawers in our stores hold something precious, selected with care, resulting from accurate search. We care about production standards and distribution quality because we know that each and every step of the process is important. We only choose collections that guarantee traceability, as we want to be transparent about production, be respectful to mankind and the environment, and safeguard the value of work. We believe in the intrinsic value of the object and in the value of its duration over time, by choosing quality over quantity, promoting slower-paced craftsmanship rather than following the latest fads, appreciating the excellence of finely crafted objects that can be repaired.

There’s a vision in all this. We want to take people where we see something. We know that in order to be proud of your work you must love it, and keep improving yourself. This is what we have been doing since 1991. People are our great strength.