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KAMEMANNEN seeks beauty in design and pursues manufacturing excellence.

KAMEMANNEN titanium frames reveal patience and longevity of a deep-rooted eyewear manufacturing tradition that has developed in Sabae City, in the Fukui prefecture of Japan, where all KAMEMANNEN frames are made.


AKONI eyewear is both the dichotomy and the marriage of timeless classics, endurance and futuristic optimism.

AKONI draws its narration from the collective imagination of travelers, aviators, space expeditions. The collection reinterprets shapes that recall classic films and icons, rebels and inspired storytellers. AKONI has built strong and unique relationships with Japan’s most respected artisans and producers to guarantee the production of long-lasting, highest-quality eyewear.


BALMAIN eyewear collection describes the audacious signature style of the historic Parisian house.

The gold intricate details and the distinctive designs recall the echo of the high level of craftsmanship of BALMAIN’s ateliers. BALMAIN is one the few fashion maisons that entrust the production of their eyewear collection to excellent manufacturers who work with the highest quality of materials and the best artisans.


JACQUES DURAND sources the finest materials, and transforms them into unique objects that capture the essence of craftsmanship.

Light and matter are the design playing field — flat frame fronts and clearly defined edges enhance the outline of the shapes. JACQUES DURAND craftsman approach results in timeless frames, constructed to last. Something extremely simple, yet so unique.


VALENTINO eyewear collection marks a turning point in the high-end eyewear industry. Crafted in Japan using the finest materials, the collection conveys the expressive potential of the historical fashion house.

Evolution is tangible, revealing the values of the Maison and the mastery of couture. The new Valentino eyewear generation is produced in the finest workshops in Japan, enhancing the value of craftsmanship and appreciating perfection in the execution.