Sight changes the perception of what surrounds us, it affects our everyday life. It is important for us to provide a comprehensive service: from the customization of lenses for a unconditional comfort, to the selection of the most suitable frames. We are qualified opticians and optometrists, eye care professionals expert in vision care. We examine eyes for vision problems, and can give the necessary correction to a person’s eyesight. To do so, we use the finest instrumentation available, and continuously invest in training. 


Refractive errors are common eye disorders that can be usually solved with proper refractive correction. Refractive errors include myopia (also called near-sightedness or short-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (distorted vision at all distances), and presbyopia (loss of the ability to focus up close). These problems can usually be corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses. Regular eye checks are advisable to assess vision and ability to focus on and discern objects. In our centers we can detect when refractive errors occur, and work closely with the person who suffers from these issues to find the most adequate solution according to their need. 


We care about infant and children’s vision. Our role is to inform parents of the importance of preventive eye and vision care, and help them in the observation of their kids’ visual function in order to detect and treat early some vision problems. Children’s eyes should be examined regularly, as healthy vision is a critical part of kids’ development


Vision problems can interfere with kid’s everyday activities. They can especially interfere with efficient reading and writing among schools children. It is important to have the children’s eyes checked regularly, and monitor their visual perception and vision-related functions, which are necessary for adequate vision development. Sometimes attention deficit disorders may be related to vision disorders; in other cases, vision disorders are mistaken for attention deficit disorders, as they mimic symptoms of ADHD.

In our centers, we can monitor children’s visual abilities and provide vision therapy in order to help kids enhance their potential in visual activities through specific exercises and techniques. Kids will benefit from visual therapy in their everyday life activities such as reading at school and playing sports.


Our research in the field of pediatric prevention has led us to include in our offer and services special lenses for children and teenagers. The choice of the right lenses depends on many factors: it is essential to meet the specific needs of each individual person, according to eye problem, lifestyle, habits and expectations. We recommend technologically advanced lenses, such as accommodative support lenses, orthokeratology (orthok) lenses, other soft special lenses, and MiyoSmart lenses. MiyoSmart innovative spectacle lenses for myopia control are light and thin, impact-resistant and provide UV protection. Today we tend to spend more time doing near-work activities and less time outdoor. This may lead to an increase in myopia incidence. It is important that myopia is detected and treated early, reducing the worsening of vision and myopia progression. 


In our centers we can recommend accommodative support lenses which are specifically designed to manage reduced accommodative response, enhancing eye comfort during near-work activities and intensive screen time


Our eyewear collections for kids are selected with the same level of care and attention we choose all our eyewear collections. We guarantee that each piece results from sustainable, ethical and certified supply chains. We want to ensure traceability, and be transparent about production, safeguarding the value of work. Quality of materials is essential. We aim at finding the most suitable solutions that offer stability, excellent comfort and the right proportion between glasses components and children’s facial features. We are committed to the perfect fit with attention to the correct positioning of lenses


Comprehensive vision screening is essential to diagnose and treat eye diseases and prevent progression to latestage vision problems. Eye doctors and ophthalmologists perform eye examinations such as eye pressure test, fundoscopic exam, and visual field test. Thanks to high-precision equipment, in our centers we can perform the visual field test upon doctors’ prescription. Test results must be submitted to eye doctors and ophthalmologists for them to make the diagnosis. 

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